Monday, 11 June 2012

Rain Rain Go away

Its raining again as a suspected from the soft drizzle of last evening it is now gaining momentum as the tap tatppety tap of the rain landing on a hard surgace becomes more rythmic and noiser; traffic is going through puddles and you can hear the hiss and the roar in the house despite the double glaxing.

Night has moved into day - another busy day ahead = we have members of staff returning from holiday and others starting their leave.  I have three days to get through before going to my mum's.  Bless her heart has her operation on the Thursday and her birthday on the Friday; shall have to make a  fuss of her.

Must get ready for work now - hopefully the rain will not last too long.

Demetri still has not put in an appearance - willo have to see if he turns up.

Take care wherever you may be and I hope you have a good day



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  1. It's raining here too.. mustn't complain too much though as it's great for the garden. We have sandy soil and it doesn't hold the water well, so after a sunny day or 2 it's so dry. And watering it with a hose or can doesn't do the job as well as good old rain..
    Julie xx


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