Monday, 4 June 2012

Recycling on my mind

Its been a busy day and it hasn't finished yet.  The weather after bright sunshine this morning has been very variable one minute sun the next black clouds and rain.  I was hoping to get elderflowers this weekend but that will have to wait until the forthcoming weekend.  I am determined to make at least a couple of batches of elderflower champagne this year.  I have located quite a few missing bottles - they were not where they were supposed to be, but at least I have found them.

We have had an early tea tonight home made chips, scampi, baked beans and onion rings served with bread and butter,  It went down very well.

I have a short meeting with OH in a few minutes as we have a date with his wardrobe i.e. sorting out what is good and what can go to the rag bag.  I daren't tell him I have designs on his outcasts in an effort to recycle old clothes into something that will be useful in the house.  Cotton tea shirts are going to be re-cycled this way:

I have in mind either a knitted or woven rag rug of some description or another

If he has any brightly old polo shirts like in red white and blue colours I would quite like to have a go at another kind of rug I have stripes in mind.

I think that would look quite nice in the computer/craft room.

I quite like the look of these ones which are worked and woven on a loom

And if he has any shirts that no longer fit him they are going towards a patchwork quilt; Froogs of Frugal Queen gives some lovely tutorials on how to reclaim valuable fabric.

And I have been inspired by her practical hands on no fuss approach.  Patchwork has always frightened me but it something that I want to get to grips with.

So am off to the wardrobe to see what I can recycle

Catch you all later



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