Sunday, 10 June 2012


It has been a quiet day here today I have been busy with the ironing still have a bit to do; note to myself really must get in a routine with this.However I have been introspective my thoughts elsewhere remembering my father as it is four years since he passed. Four very hard long years.   What really distracted me today though was I heard a motorbike and thought it was him rolling up like he used to do when he was out and about for a ride just popping in for a coffee; for a moment my heart was in my mouth and then I realised that it was a friend a neighbour over the road and not my dad and then my heart sank for a different reason. 

He wouldn't want us to be morbid - which I haven't been just still remembering him for all the right reasons and in my own way.  I have spent most of the day on my own as OH is on his computer which leaves me to my own thoughts and ideas and an ever decreasing pile of ironing.

The wind has calmed down to what it was although it is a little chilly; will  not be long before I am up to bed -  think I will take the hot water bottle up again - and its another early start tomorrow.

This week my mum has her operation on Thursday so I will be away for a few days looking after her.  I will be taking my computer with me so that I will be able to post if and when I get a spare  moment.

Right am off upwards

Catch up tomorrow keep safe wherever you are




  1. I'm sure that your dad is happy that you are remembering him in a happy way. Well done on getting towards the bottom of the ironing pile:)

  2. Sunday, it is going to be hot hot, at 7:15a.m. and 21*C already, beautiful blue sky.
    We have two of these days cooing up so when done this comment I am out to my front deck to put on a coat of water sealer on the wood. It helps to preserve it and needs a good 24hours to dry.
    I also have a pile of ironing, it will wait until tomorrow, visiting my Mum this afternoon.
    Nice memories for your Dad, next Sunday is Father's day here taking a fresh arrangement to my Dad, he has been gone since 1991.

  3. (((hugs))) to you, I still miss my dad so much it's been 11 years since we lost him.

    Take care.
    Julie xx

  4. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts

    love to you all too




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