Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday night roundup

Its been a busy day and I am now pretty shattered,  and it will not be long before I go up to bed - even if I don't sleep I will be resting. It has been a pleasant day all the same.  This evening it has been drizzling and it has gone chillier.  The honey bread did not come up as high as my usual bread recipe but it does taste very good - the sunflower seeds didn't fall out of the trap though.  Will have to have a look at that before I make another loaf tomorrow.

I managed to get two bags of cherry tomatoes into the freezer and also a bag of green and yellow peppers. They are not in big bags so will squeeze into any little gap available in the freezer.

I have also sorted some seeds out to sow over the next few days.  I have strawberries coming on in tubs and need to get a little salad stuff done  - sadly because of the weather I haven't managed to get much done this year but all being well that will be put right next year.  However I did manage to get a tray of cut and come again lettuce, some beetroot and radishes sown today; so I am hoping to get a little more done tomorrow.

I hope the weather is fine as I am due to go for a walk with Missy tomorrow if the weather is okay and I am hoping to get some Elderflowers if the weather is dry enough.

I have just seen this evening's weather forecast for the week and it should get warmer as the week progresses. { Thankfully}.  

We haven't had much of a summer so far so I am hoping we have a nice warm September for a change.

Tomorrow I also have some apples to peel that I managed to get quite cheaply.  The skins are none too brilliant but the apple itself will be okay pureed to use as apple sauce or in an Eve's pudding or individual apple pies.  I also have the herbs to start in the morning.  There is always something that needs doing

Right am off up to bed

Catch you all tomorrow



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