Sunday, 24 June 2012

Walking Missy

We were up early this morning the pair of us; and so far it has been bright.  I went armed with my foraging bag which basically is a carrier bag holding a few more carriers, a roll of polythene bags, a pair of scissors and a pair of bright yellow Marigold gloves. .  I was intent on getting some Elderflowers for Champagne, Wine, Cordial and Curd and with it being bright I thought there might be a fair chance that they would be ideal conditions to pick.  OH had gone with the intention of checking to see whether there were any more puffballs, whilst I have been away he has had one or two but sadly there were none for the taking today.  Equally whilst we were out it started to rain quite heavily and so no Elderflowers today - I will have to go in the week as I want to put down quite a bit of Champagne and quite a bit of wine as well in readiness for Christmas.  I will possibly have to go in the week after work unless we go for another walk later on in the day.  Needless to say now we are back in the house the sun has now come out again. 
It was amazing just how many people were out and about and Missy ran in to a couple of her regular friends who she knows and runs all over the place with.  Otherwise apart from the rain, which did not start gently  but just came down heavily it was quite a pleasant walk despite not coming back with some foraged goodies; but there is time yet and its all down to the luck of the draw at the end of the day.  Have already spotted some cherry plums.

Having got Missy dried off and watered (a cup of tea) its now on to the rest of the day and quite a bit of pottering to boot.  I have some Cress to sow and one or two other bits and bobs.

Will catch up later.

Hope you have a good day wherever you may be


Cannot do the herbs now will have to wait until they dry out.  However I can get another bread loaf on.

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