Sunday, 1 July 2012

Late on Parade

Our late Sunday lunch was very tasty consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes cooked with the beef, onion and garlic and then served with peas, cauliflower, carrots and Yorkshire Pud which all went down very nicely.  Then I managed to get my hair washed early and let it dry naturally

I managed to get five pots of mashed potato (I used the tail end of a sack of potatoes all in the course of waste not want not) and 5 pots of the Carrot and Swede crush.  I still have about 8 swedes to prepare so no doubt I will do some more carrot and swede crush during the week or just plain swede crush  So I am well pleased that I have a little stock to keep me going  Its also handy to have something like this in the freezer especially if you have a partner who is not au fait with cooking as it means if for one reason or another if  you are unwell they can still make the rudiments of a meal.

I just have a pair of trousers to iron for OH and then am off to bed to get some serious shut eye

Nighty night

P.s.  Lovely to see two new members welcome to my blog.


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