Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Busy mind little action

I seem to go into periods where my mind is overactive and all sorts of planning and plotting goes on, but in reality I seem to get very little done or I become impeded in what I would like to do.  Such is a time for me at the moment, where the thought processes are going on and I am backwards and forwards to work slogging away with a little chill out time with close friends and then back on the wheel again.  Then of course there is the thought process whereby those ideas and all the plotting and planning needs to be translated into words, thoughts and feelings ie communication and this is where it becomes very difficult for me; trying to convey those things that I would like to do without offending or upsetting anyone in the process.  Its a fine line often that we walk but sometimes you just have to do some of those things that you want to do without compromise to satisfy your own inner needs.  However whenever I try and do anything for myself I think perhaps I am being selfish, but in reality that down time is sorely needed in order to recharge and be able to put another firm step upon a long path. 

I desperately need some me time at the moment - but I need to rearrange the furniture upstairs and the house needs tidying again before I can sit and meditate and start finding just a little time in order to focus on what really is important and I need to do it to get things back on track again.

The wheel is moving again; evidence of this is that they have come to fix the fence in the garden they are replacing all of it but in the process have wrecked the garden so I envisage that if the weather is okay I will be spending this weekend starting to try and get the garden back into shape; when all I really want to do is go down to Cornwall have a holiday dip my toes in the sand and have a paddle in the sea and just chill and simply be me but I cannot see it happening just yet.

So back to practicalities I need to focus and get the house and garden tidy again and then perhaps once the practical furniture rearranging has happened I can start to get upstairs sorted as well and get my thoughts and plans into some sort of order so that when indeed these plans etc come to fruition that the maximum return is gleaned.  In other words I need to sort out the wood from the trees and have a bonfire with all those items excess to requirements or pass them on to another place.  Well that's the theory its not always easy letting go.

Right now that I have had a deep and meaningful and have started to unlock the communication issue I had better toddle off to work.

Love and light to everyone hope you have a super day

Catch you soon



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  1. I have great difficulty in 'letting go' of things too. I know that rationally I NEED to clear out 'stuff' but I also love being surrounded by the things that mean a lot. Like you the thoughts/plans are there but then I need to put them into action!
    I wish we could meet on that beach, letting the sea wash away our worries - I NEED some away time too, but it's getting more and more unlikely the older my Mom gets....
    Rose H


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