Saturday, 25 August 2012

I've been to the veg shop today

After weeks where I haven't had time to do anything really substantial I landed at the veg shop this morning and had a very successful shop I have the following to deal with over the course of the next few days:
  • 4 Cauliflowers 80 pence each [destined for home made cauliflower cheese to be stored in foil containers in the freezer] £3.20 (we love cauliflower cheese but it is a bit of  a bind to make it each time you need it so I came up with this way of doing it
  • 4 bags of peppers [basically I just deseed them and cut them into thin strips and throw into bags in the freezer] [reduced to 50pence per bag = £2.00 (they can be added frozen into my chicken and peach dish or in stir frys
  • 5kg of tomatoes [destined for some passata sauce if I can some more jars tomorrow] £1 x 5  = £5.00
  • 2kg vine tomatoes
  • 2 punnets of plum cherry tomatoes (going to be used on home made pizza, with fresh basil leaves and some mozzarella or goats cheese then drizzled with home made basil olive oil and some anchovies.
  • 1kg of red onions [destined either to go into a chutney or a red onion and garlic relish] £0.50
  • 1 large sack of potatoes £6.75
  • 4kg jet black plums £4.00 [Destined for some jam and some chutney]
  • 6 fresh corn on the cob £1.20 for 3 = £2.40 for 6
  • 2 trays of lemon £1 per tray £2.00 [destined for some lemon curd]
  • 2 trays of clementines £1 per tray  = £2.00 [destined for clementine curd]
  • 6kg sweet eating apples thought I would use these to make some apple puree and also some apple and herb jelly and I thought I would also have a go at some apple cheese (you get two for one out of the apples the juice for the jelly and then you pop the pulp through a sieve or a mouligrater and then make the cheese) and I have mint, chives, lemon verbena, sage and I can lay my hands on some rosemary so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some jellies made and put up so that we can bring a flavour of summer to the winter months and if there are still any left over I may put on a batch of apple pop  and also some ginger beer too]
  • 2 tubs strawberries (best served simply with some cream or Cornish Ice Cream)
  • 1 large bunch of bananas (to be used in Banana Cake
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 melons
I have been and bought some butter for the lemon curd and some sugar.  I have also bought some more white vinegar as in the  spirit of waste not want not the skins from the lemons and the oranges will get turned into lemon or orange vinegar for cleaning purposes. I have a batch to bottle up and so it would seem an advantageous moment to get the next batch on.

So yes I have probably spent a little more than normal but at the prices I couldn't afford not to take up the option of acquiring them I have a lot to do, but it will keep me out of mischief and its stuff I love doing in any event and my preserving is way behind this year and I am hoping to get caught up and get plenty of goodies put up in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow we have to go to the butchers to top up with some meat and other bits and bobs.

 I went to Dunhelm this morning and bought some new pillows for the bed and wanted to have a look round.  I ended up having a scrap with OH because I wanted to go back in and he wanted to play with his computer -  he will take me back tomorrow as there a few things that I want to price up like new cotton sheets I noticed that Dunhelm had some Eygptian cotton ones I have a super king mattress so I buy the larger sheets.  I also need to stock up on towels bedding etc. but really I want to have a good look round to see what they have so that I can budget over the next few months for things and I do like good quality bedding linen and towels.  I also want to see what wool Dunhelm have

Yesterday I managed to get some more cream wool to carry on with my cream yellow and green single blanket that I am still working away at should be snuggly  and no one else will have a blanket quite like it; that's why I like making my own things

We have a right royal storm going on at the moment constant thundering, and showers or rain and the sky has darkened quite a bit seems as if autumn is arriving little by little must get out and make the most of the blackberries that are out.

In the next few weeks I want to get quite a few things done I am primarily in the first instance loooking to do a couple of batches of piccalilili and also some stock paste for adding to home made gravies.  Much of what I buy is just raw ingredients.  I am hoping to get quite a bit done we will have to see what happens.

Right I had better get on have quite a lot to do.

Catch up soon



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