Sunday, 26 August 2012

Oh Dear What Can the matter be...

Three old ladies locked in the lavatory...... so the rhyme goes.

We have had a bit of a calamitous day in that everything we have touched has gone wrong.

We went to take Missy for a walk first thing (we we out the house by 8.30 am) on a Sunday unheard of.  However OH had promised himself a cooked breakfast only problem was we had run out of the ingredients hence he was in a rush to get to the butchers!.  Came away from walking Missy the car was mis-firing and playing up since it has done ever since we acquired it.  Enough was enough we called a mobile engineer in he couldn't get to us until 2.30 p.m.  So I did not get to Dunhelm but I am going tomorrow.

So we let the car rest a while and then went tot he butchers and stocked up on the meat front.  We then had a bagging session and persuaded the upright that it really did want the majority of goodies that I was trying to force feed into it.  Then realised could not get the beef joints in so cleared the top of the chest freezer when calamity number two was chanced upon.  The freezer wasn't working and obviously hadn't been working for a few days.  phew wasn't the word.We thought initially that it had merely come unplugged but when we switched it on again I rapidly realised that instead of freezing the blooming thing was heating up.  So a freezer full off food has gone up the spout and I need a new chest freezer.  But then again suppose it was to be expected it was 24 years old (bought from Iceland many moons ago) so it does not owe us anything.

The engineer came to look at the car and it would appear that we had used him before on the van.  He ran a diagnostic and has found out what the exact problem is so £50 lighter (but at least we know what we are dealing with and OH needs the car for work I use shank's pony).  He is coming back on Tuesday hopefully to do said repair so hopefully no more shennagins with the car fingers crossed toes plaited.

I then had to persuade the fridges that they were going to store the extra fresh meat that I had bought today and I have some things defrosting that I could not get back into the upright but they will not go to waste at all.  So I think we will be looking for a new chest freezer tomorrow in any event.

Funny how men go missing when there is a job to be done i.e remove the rotting food out of the freezer wrapping it well and putting it in the dustbin for collection on Tuesday. Lots of pontificating about the whiff but no offers of help.  Once I get everything out I can get set to work with the bleach.  Not impressed at all.  Needs sorting as I really do want to do my jam and chutneys tomorrow.  Some of the fresh stuff I bought yesterday was due to go into the freezer so I am going to have to find some alternative recipes in the jam jelly and chutney line and I have curds to do as well.  I did get my last batch of orange and lemon cleaning vinegar decanted into bottles, so that I can start another batch in due course.

We have had the fence done and they have done a really good job a nice really solid fence; only I fell down a hidden post hole during the week and cut and grazed my legs quite badly as well as going back on my ankle.  I shall have to take more gin in it in future.

And the pillows I bought yesterday for my bed they are not feather ones like I normally get but I am really impressed with them and got a really comfortable sleep on them last night.  As I say back to Dunhelm tomorrow.

Right now I have had five minutes and rested my side I am going to have another go at the freezer.  Doesn't look as though I am going to get an early night tonight.

I suppose the moral of today's calamaties is its not what happens that is important but how you cope with it at the end of the day.

Right dust myself down out come the marigolds and the bleach.  I will see you anon.

Catch you when I can

Take care wherever you may be

Much love




  1. Oh my goodness, what an awful time you've had Tricia, things can only get better!
    For starters there's an award waiting for you to collect on my blog :o)
    Rose H

  2. oh dear! Well today is a NEW day and hopefully will be better xx


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