Friday, 17 August 2012

Pain Relief

All this week I have had sciatica and have not been sleeping too well the weather hasn't been helping either.  I have been doing all the usual things but I must say I have been in a bit of a grump because of the discomfort (those of you who suffer on a regular basis with pain will know what I am on about as the pain does wear you down), but I am intent to keep on moving no matter what.  Today I have been particularly bad as I did not sleep too well at all with the sciatica and cramp all down my right leg and pain in the base of my back a very restless sleep not helped that a couple of nights this week I have gone extremely cold.

I hobbled in to work this morning and my boss bless her had bought a spray in for me to try which helps with the pain relief all made from natural ingredients which impressed me even more.  I decided to give it a whirl and went to the ladies and sprayed my lower back and my left calf muscle which was particularly bad thinking that perhaps it was a novelty and would not worked.  It has worked lovely for me and I have been comfortable for the best part of the day. 

The spray is called Biofreeze  working with something called cryotherapy which goes on cold and then warms the muscles up in the body.  You gradually warm up. It does not smell unpleasant.  It is a temporary solution to help with pain control and I must say I am very impressed. It works by penetrating heat to give long lasting pain relief from arthritis sore muscles and joints and back pain.  Apparently you get it from Boots don't know how much it is but it is something I am going to get.  The pain I get varies drastically from day to day - I can go days with a minimum amount of pain and then every so often I get a stinker (like today) when it affects every part of your body and affects how I work how I think - in other words I don't fire on all systems; but this spray just the once over first thing and I have been reasonably comfortable for the best part of the day.  It says on the bottle not for extensive use, i.e. more than seven days.  Thought I would mention as I know quite a few of you out there have similar problems and anything that makes coping easier is well worth the investment.




  1. That sounds an interesting product - may just get a can in to keep by for my duff knee. Thank you for the info - hope you are feeling better soon, sciatica is murder :o(
    Rose H

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon Pattypan!

    Kay :)

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  4. Thanks for posting about this, Tricia!

    As you know, I also have the dreaded sciatica to deal with and I don't like having to take pain pills. T also has various aches & pains, especially if he has been out metal detecting, so I've ordered some. Hopefully it will work as well for us too!



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