Monday, 6 August 2012

Preserving bits and bobs

On Friday I popped into Wilkinsons and found quite a display of the Kilner preserving items and yet I went Ouch at the price, although bore in mind in case I could not get what I was after elsewhere.

I have seen packs of three medium sized jars for about £7 at  Lakeland which are not a bad buy as well.

Yesterday I also had an unexpected trip out to Dunhelm Mill; its the first time I have been in the last 18 months or so and I am glad I did.  The reason why I am so excited is that they are the cheapest place I have come across for proper Kilner jars and associated items, including replacement seals.  I was able to obtain four of the smaller jars at £1.19 each  Often it is the smaller jars you need for bits and bobs.  The inner seals are also £3 or so compared to nearly £5 elsewhere..

They also do the smaller sized glass jars ideal for making home made pate 

Here are the jars I obtained yesterday, hadn't got much money on me but they will come in useful.  Anyway here is the relevant web page - for ordering on line.

They will be the ideal size for preserving blueberries, redcurrants, mandarin segments, etc or for doing jam in.

They also do Le Parfait products and especially the size for making home made pate

They also do their own style Kilner jars which for the standard jar worked out at 89pence each (although I haven't found them on their website yet).  I shall be going back to get stocked up a little on the old bottling jars.

They had lots of other goodies to including a craft department.  Shows its been a long while since I last went.

Right am off to get ready for a busy day at work.  I will try and get back later on but I am out for a little while this evening.

Catch you soon.

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