Sunday, 19 August 2012

So far today...

I have been on my own and it has been brilliant - no one to argue with time on my hands to play and do the things I want to have a go at and generally have a good play.  I have found the bits that I was looking for so pasta here we come.

I have also had a sort out in a couple of my kitchen cupboards to see what equipment I have actually got and reackerfurbitate items a bit better so they fit into the cupboards.

Last week I came across a very interesting article about Tiger Bread and making it at home.  Here is the link from my friend Moontide of Going my Own Way.  I just loved the look of those buns that  he had made and  as we are very partial to Tiger Bread in this household I decided to have a go myself; so that is what I have been doing.  The mixture has gone into my Panasonic Bread machine and is busy prepping as we speak.  The paste is curing on the window sill and I have my Panasonic on the pizza setting.  It seems to use a lot of yeast, but we will see how things go.

Here the buns are proving

And here they are finished.  Must say that I love this little recipe to bits and the buns are massive some of the better ones I have made.

These buns are absolutely scrummy I have made a second batch and they haven't come out too badly either so we are stocked up for buns for the next few days.  I would say however that I had some paste left over from the first batch and did not make a fresh mix but used up what I had.  To get the pristine results you need to make the paste fresh with each batch.

The pasta will be made nearer the time that I will come to use it, served with fresh basil, cheese and the meat balls together with a rich tomato sauce it should be scrummy (we are just about to have this)

I am also going to make some flapjacks here's a link to my regular recipe that I use

I am also going to make a couple of cakes for the cake tin.  See separate post for recipe.

If I get chance I might also put some tea cakes into the bread machine as well.

It would be nice to really get sorted with everything I have available to me to use.  My kitchen is just not big enough at the moment.

Photos to follow



  1. Yummie! The Tiger Bread looks fab :o)
    My OH has been in Holland since Thursday at a motorbike rally, so I too am on my own. He's a truck driver and up until three years ago was away from home at least three nights a week, so I'm quite used to time on my own. I've really enjoyed pleasing myself, and eating what I like - he hates pasta and I love it. Don't get me wrong it'll be great when he's back, but for now....;o)
    Rose H

  2. Hi, just spotted this post, the rolls look superb.

  3. Hi Rose, much as we love them its lovely to have our own space too.

    Moontide lovely to see you on over here, its all thanks to you for finding the recipe - to tell you the truth these were one of my successes with the bread making some of my previous attempts have been sadly lacking but these did not go to waste. The kitchen was nice and hot when I made them too which I think made all the difference.

    Take care




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