Sunday, 5 August 2012

Weekly roundup

 Its been a busy old week and next week looks as though it is going to be just as busy.


It was the monthly meeting of the group I belong to the Psychic and Spiritual Fellowship for any of you in the Peterborough area who are interested in spiritualism and the opportunity of a reading we hold a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday in the month.  Please see here for more information and for the programme.

Last Wednesday three of the mediums I train with held the evening between them and they have grown in leaps and bounds; it was a very successful evening.  And indeed some of the mediums will be holding a readings evening at the Plough Inn Farcet Fen this coming Wednesday evening for any of you wanting to get in touch with loved ones   Please see the details here  I do so hope that you will be able to make it; all the girls belong to the Psychic and Spiritual Fellowship and it makes for a good evening out.  So if you live in Peterborough and have a few minutes to spare why not pop along. Hopefully we will see you there.


Yesterday I thought was going to be a pottering day at Pattypans, but it couldn't have been further from the truth.  I ended up spending the best part of the day at my friends home meeting up with two much loved friends who I hadn't seen for sometime and it was a wonderful day of shared friendship, Spiritual work, card reading and just being good friends together.  We each had a go with a different set of cards reading for each other so that was three sets of cards, passed round each of us x 3 and it was good to catch up on some skills which I thought were rusty but which were not that far adrift and with cards I wasn't used to so I was quite chuffed.  The readings were centred on a question that each of us asked for confirmation of.  I asked whether I would be moving house and the reading confirmed that this was literally on the cards and that my home life would be a lot happier, that my debts would get paid off and I would not have to struggle as hard as I have done with money in the future.  This is the second reading I have had that confirmed a house move.

 [I would mention here that due to the Gas Board not reading the meter for the gas and electric and despite us paying £100 per month towards the gas and the electric three years ago we ended up in deep dooh dooh  (OH lost his job then as well) the cumulative total for the gas and electricity was just under £2,000.00.  To help pay the bill off and then get electric and gas that we could pay for we had a card meter installed for both services which took £5 per week towards the outstanding debt each time you filled the cards up.  I have never mentioned this to my friend or to anyone else before but last week we received confirmation that we had paid this debt off in full.  It has been a long hard three years but having the card has helped us realistically budget how much we need to put on the gas and electric.  During the winter months this has worked out at £25 per week for the gas and £15 every week for the electric.  So if you find yourself in a similar situation try and deal with things this way on it is hard but it does prove with a little patience that you can sort things out in the long run.

The first reading indicating a house move was one I had around this time last year with a medium that I did not know.  She told me last year that from June onwards this year I would want to move, that things would not be easy for a while.  she felt that I was better in countryside conditions and an older property house not new.  She foresaw that I would move to said conditions.  The name of the property would be closely associated with a tree i.e a name like cherry tree cottage  or would have tree in the name and that there were orchards and land for growing my own and that it was near water and that this would be my forever home.  I could only foresee this happening if I won the lottery, but it is my dream and the medium knocked the nail directly on the head with this even though she did not know me.  She also told me I was a healer!  There was a lot more but this was the bit that related to my time yesterday with my friends.

The other thing that came through from the readings yesterday is that it is a time of rebirth for me and that quite possibly a change of occupation.  We will have to see what happens, but it would be lovely if it did realise itself.  I will keep you informed!


I haven't been up to much today feeling a bit under the weather couldn't sleep last night and unusually for me was up at 4.00 am making myself a cup of tea so I feel decidedly under the weather today, but that has not stopped me doing something.  I have been sat crocheting.  I am in the middle of a blanket that I started a little while ago and have managed to do quite a bit and I am aiming to get this one done as quickly as I can.  This is for a single bed and I am working it in width 4 squares across x the length of a single bed.  I had worked about 16 squares but did not think that it would be big enough so I have given the squares well 8 of them so far a cream border.  I have another 8 to work and then some more squares to work with what wool I have left am not sure am going to have enough coloured wool left but I thought that if I used the cream to pad it out it would not look too far out of place.  I must say I am pleased with my tension on this one so far there isn't that much variance between the squares.  I bought the wool a little while ago and I must say I wish I had bought more at the time as I would quite like to make another one as I have a double duvet set to match. I tend to buy things and then make stuff to go with them so you have pretty stuff with something no one else has.  Never mind will try and match the colours up with the wool and see if I can get another throw on the go later on.  The beauty of home made throws is that they are lovely and snugly.

We have had torrential rain this afternoon again; I ended up putting towels by the back door again as the rain came flooding in, not only through the door but the glass in the door too.  Most frustrating and I am having a new door/s these are totally shot.  

As a result of me taking things steady we ended up having tea far later than I had originally envisaged and I still set too and cooked the full proper roast.  A piece of pork; lots of crackling carrots, peas, cauliflower, beans, peas, broccoli, roast potatoes gravy and apple sauce swiftly followed by strawberries and cream and it went down extremely well.

I am not going to be late to bed tonight with it being a work day tomorrow and we have another busy week ahead of us.  I am really ready for a holiday and could do with a week down in Cornwall just to chill, (I just love Cornwall as we usually go somewhere nice and quiet like here  (and I mean this place is lovely and unspoilt and absolutely spotless; so quiet the perfect chill out holiday it is situate in a small valley in the middle of nowhere about four miles from the sea - perfect if your OH is into fishing as they have five lakes, and lots of unspoilt countryside - the deer sometimes come in the valley and the family who own it are keen on conservation).  They also have their own pub which serves lovely grub and the pints not bad too. but I cannot see it coming off somehow as I need funds to go and they are not readily available at the moment bar winning the lottery but oh I could so do with the break and the peace and quiet down there.

September is going to be a busy month as I am hopefully going to start the training for my Masters Level in Reiki, which I am quite looking forward to doing.  It is something that is a little overdue and there are other irons in the fire so to speak of things going on behind the scenes that I am hoping will materialise ( from small acorns mighty oaks just grow) - just waiting for opportunities or to make my own opportunities grasp the nettle so to speak.

And then call it serendipity coincidence whatever you would like to but one of the sites I follow popped this little gem up so I thought I would share it with you and then lets see what happens.

I am cream crackered and am going to snuggle up in bed.

Catch you all soon and hope you all have a lovely week to come.



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