Sunday, 30 September 2012

Autumn Sunday Morning

I just love this time of year  especially the change in the colours of the trees, the freshness, preparing to batten down the hatches for the winter months, blazing fires (if you have one) it has a charm all of its own.

The sun is trying to break through cloud here this morning; it is chilly and windy and I am in the house as I have a sore throat which I am trying to stop become anything more as it is too early in the season for colds for me. To counteract this I intend to make a scuttle full of onion soup for my lunch together with some fresh granary bread.  I think I am also going to start taking my vitamin c tablets again just to give a little boost.  Last evening I took a chicken out of the freezer and also a piece of beef.  The chicken is initially going to be roasted and either used for a hot meal during the week,  then for a casserole or a curry and sandwiches.  The roast beef is for tea this evening.

OH walked Missy this morning before he went off to work.  I think I overdid it yesterday as I also went for a walk with him and Missy when he got home from work and this morning my hips and legs feel decidely sore.  Unfortunately,  I just love walking, it is something that I have done since I was a child as my Dad and Granddad used to walk me everywhere usually in the colder weather wrapped up with proverbial scarfs thick coats gloves and hats and then coming in from the bitter cold to warm ourselves by the fire or by the Rayburn if we were at my Nan's and then by the fire.  Wet damp gloves were placed on the rail to dry and we would inevitably be given a hot sweet tea (the kettle was always on the top of the Rayburn) or a hot mug of soup.  [There are a couple of things I wish for my future one is an Aga/Rayburn the other is fires.]

 I started sorting the jam store yesterday and it is slow work but will be a job well done.  I also use it as an overflow pantry at Christmas (all the Christmas buys get closeted out of the way).  I also keep my sack of potatoes, shallots, pickling onions and onions under the stairs as it is cool and an ideal environment for keeping the preserves.  My main pantry is more of a dry larder, but it gets very warm in there so I have to be careful what I store as it soon goes off. Becuase of that I have taken to keeping green veggies etc in the bottom of the fridge to extend their life somewhat.

 I have already found about three cases of jars that I knew I had somewhere but wasn't quite sure where they were together with numerous wine bottles, ginger beer botles, beer bottles, preserving jars etc.  I have also discovered a couple of accidental breakages as well.  So its upwards and onwards work to do.

Catch you all later on.




  1. Love the sound of that Aga/Rayburn too - I've even got Aga cook books 'just in case!'
    Hope you throat calms, the onion soup should certainly help :o) Try and take it easy...yes, I know you won't!
    Sending a {{hug}}
    Rose H

    1. Hello Rose

      There is nothing like being prepared besides cooking on an Aga or a Rayburn is a little different. I also have a couple of Aga cookbooks too. Whatever are we like. I would kill for an Aga or a Rayburn as they are more than just a cooker they are a way of life.

      Catch you soon



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