Saturday, 1 September 2012

Busy Busy Day

Its been a very busy day today.  I have been doing a lot of prepping for one of my marathon pickling and  preserving sessions.

I started this morning by brining some cucumbers - they will be finished off tomorrow with onion vinegar and fresh dill.

I have also started the Bengal chutney (this is carrot based and the link for which I gave you the other day but here it is again.  Not tried this one before but it has certainly piqued my interest and I liked the idea for a quick supper as well.

I have also processed 6 jars of home made pasta sauce as well as I had run out and it has lots of fresh herbs in too.

 I processed two baking trays full of ingredients here they are before going in the oven

I have also started the Glutney recipe. I have used courgettes, tomatoes, apples and onion

I have bought some nectarines to make a nectarine chutney as well.

I have apple sauce to make and also  a sweet apple chutney

I usually make a batch of chilli jam as well and normally use red chillis but this time I am going to try green chillis as per the recipe here

You may wonder why I am going slightly mad with the chutney.  The reason being that most chutneys need at least a month to mature but I like to give at least six weeks.  I also tend to give friends a jar or two of home made preserve as part of their Christmas pressies

I also have lemon and orange curd to make and might also make a spiced apple curd as well that I have the recipe for.

As well as some herb jellies, sage, lemon verbena, mint,  and also some long keeping mint sauce.  When I make this I usually do a couple of bottles of mint vinegar as well with which to make up the vinegar sauce gives it more flavour and punch.

I wont get everything done tomorrow and I have an early start tomorrow morning  as we have the builders in on Monday morning to do something with the plaster in the kitchen .

Right upwards and onwards

Take care



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