Friday, 21 September 2012

Christmas Preparations Crafts 2012 Part 1

September is the month when I start to prepare for Christmas doing  a little bit here and there.  Where a few extra items find their way into my shopping basket to be stock-piled out of the way in readiness for the Christmas celebrations.  Pickling, making chutneys bottling fruits  all so that we can have something different on the plate and little treats here and there.  September is also the month when I make my Christmas Cake giving it time to mature.  However this year it would appear that I am writing about Christmas earlier than I usually do.  The Reason  - I went for a touchy feely session with my two friends from work to Art and Stitch in Peterbrough ostensibly to look at fabric, patterns and have a good mooch around.  But as usual they had lots of other bits and bobs on the go which took my eye namely the bauble decoration below, so much so I decided to have a look around to see what was available and thought everyone else might want to share in too - so here are the links now its up to you to have a look round and have a play.  Enjoy

I give the links here for ease of reference but I have also added them to my Pinterest Board as well.
 Things to make and do - Baubles

Recycled Christmas Card Baubles

 Cinnamon Salt Dough Decorations

Christmas tree decorations by Tara Dennis

Holiday Card Ornaments
Beaded Christmas Ornament

Catch you later




  1. Hi, Thank you for those lovely links, some wonderful inspiration there :) :) Looks like you must have had fun :)x

  2. Great inspiration Trishia, thank you!
    Rose H


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