Saturday, 29 September 2012

Good Morning

It is a lovely sunny morning here - bit chilly but if I wrap up everything should be okay.   OH is working this weekend has overslept gone out in a panic and poor Missy has not had her early morning walkies down by the river so I am going to walk her - I have to get to the river which is quite a way first but then I can let her off her lead and she can run and get rid of her inhibitions.  It lets her have a bit of freedom and although not being quite what I had planned she needs a walk does her good.

I am intent on sorting out my jam store today - it has got into a bit of a muddle and I have jam jars and cannot locate them easily and I am blowed if I am buying any more jam jars at present.  Kilner jars or their equivalent and sauce bottles yes but not jam jars just the lids so I shall be under the stairs when I return sorting out and organising everything so that I can get the new preserves in.  The shelves need lining with new paper in any event.  I am also hoping to get to the charity shop to have a browse.  However I did go into the charity shops in town yesterday and was horrified at the prices for mens shirts.  Anything upward of £5 and if they had a designer label in £12.  I know charity shops need to show a return but where has common sense gone to.  They will if they are not careful end up shooting themselves in the foot  because not everyone has that kind of money to splash out in any event and especially those on a lower income who cannot afford to buy decent clothing.  It is a fine balancing act.

 I also have plans to make some chilli jam and also some mustard but I am not sure whether I will get to that today or not.

Anyways I am off to walk the dog.

Catch you later.



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