Sunday, 30 September 2012

Goodies under the Stairs

It is suprising what I am finding lurking under the stairs in the jam store.  I have just found a bottle of Toffee Vodka that I had forgotten all about and in the interests of human kind I have just had a little glass.  Boy is that pokey but rather moorish and due to the fact it is a cold day it has done a little warming up.  (For the life of me I cannot remember what the recipe is or where I got it from), but I think it was a standard  bottle of vodka and literally a bag of Werthers toffees put in a preserving jar and shaken every day until the toffees have completely dissolved, when they are you can bottle and enjoy.  Goes a beigy colour and develops a foam on top but this is all part of the liqueur/spirit of things.  I think I am going to do a couple of more bottles of that before Christmas.  That has slightly anaesthetised my throat.

You need not be restricted to just toffee, you can use pear drops and bubble gum - whatever takes your fancy.

I have also found a jar of something I have never tried before, but that is for another post as it is extremely yummy and involves almonds.

I am back off to my Jam Store

Catch you later




  1. What a concept; toffee vodka. And you certainly did mankind a service by enjoying just a nip!

  2. Oh toffee Vodka sounds yummy, we made Bluberry and blackberry vodka and we want to make limoncello.

  3. Toffee vodka sounds yummy - one to try. I've just spent a very pleasant hour or so reading back on your latest month of preserve/chutney making. Would you have any suggestions for the last rhubarb in the garden - I'm thinking either a chutney or a rhubarb and ginger jame.

    Thank for sharing your blog.

    Jane (Little Clanger)

    1. Hello little clanger sorry for not getting back to you before. Rhubarb you can freeze, bottle in syrup for use in pies during the winter months (you can sterilies in what the Americans call a hot water bath which extracts any air from the produce), make wine with (makes a smashing wine) a chutney, a jam, you can always mix with strawberries which are a good foil for rhubarb. If you would like a recipe or two let me know and I will put a post up for you.

      Take care and thanks for popping by




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