Saturday, 22 September 2012


Alison and Mandy you really do have a lot to be responsible for and I am looking forward to this Thursday's trip. I might buy something then.  I am desperate to start my own patchwork and it is on the to do list.  It will happen eventually. However I do still have some things to clear out of the way and complete to free up some space before I set too and do a proper full sized quilt.  However that does not stop me acquiring patterns, fabrics etc in anticipation and after the looky touchy feely session with the fabrics and the crafts that were being executed at Art and Stitch yesterday I am kind of feeling all inspired again.  However, saying that I am always rather interested in recyling items re-purposing them and after an Article from Frugal Queen on how to strip a shirt down and use it for patchwork, I have succumbed and bought one shirt.  I like the fabric it has purples, lilacs greens greys in it  a stripe. 

Look Here.....

 I am going to acquire every so often fabric in a similar way when I see something I like and build up the stash and then have a go at making a quilt in this fashion.  It will make something useful out of something that had been discarded re-purposing and making something that I do need.  You can never have too many quilts! 

This evening I have been sat de-constructing the shirt and getting it into nice sized pieces and into a little pile ready to be put up.  This way round I am collecting materials and it is not technically starting something new - well not quite as yet.  The buttons have been recycled into my button jar too.  

Whilst I have been sat I have had company  Demetri has been sat next to me flat out  and Squeak has been to my size also flat out.  Think they have it a tad jammy - one trained daft human.  Because its fabric they are fast asleep.  If it was wool and was twitching I would have had both of them fighting to take it off me.

This is where I got my inspiration from for using the shirts

Will update as and when I obtain more fabric or actually start making.  The fabric has lilacs, purples, turqouise, grey, sage green, grey and I think pinks, greys will tone in nicely.  At the moment I am thinking of doing the quilt in strips just merely adjusting the angle of the patch.  Will see how it pans out anyway.

Catch you later




  1. Looks like you are going to be busier (happier) than ever when you get this quilt started ;o)
    Great idea from Frugal Queen, and all so easy to follow. Looking forward to seeing the results when you get going, oh LOVE the colours.

    Cats really aren't daft are they? I'm sitting here in 'my' chair with feet up and a nice warm throw over my short, fat legs and a very cosy Sid on the top of that - who has just me-owed indignantly because I've had the temerity to move my foot!

    Enjoy the day.
    Rose H

  2. One of the women who use to belong to my quilting guild purchased mens extra large 100% cotton shirts at local charity shops, took them all apart and made the most beautiful quilt out of them. She even left some the pockets in tact and incorporated them into the quilt. Not one single piece of new fabric was used. Of course, she chose shirts that all had blue and white checks or strips which made for a stunning quilt.

  3. Hello Rose and Patricia

    I thought that if I collected the fabric from old shirts or old clothing a little bit at a time - mostly from second-hand or recycled fabric it wouldn't cost me as much. OH has some shirts that are too small for him which I think with his permission are also going to be used. Thought would work in strips just a simple design to start with and then hand quilt it as I actually love doing hand quilting (I have worked a couple of baby quilts in the past) This house is very cold even with the heating on and its nice to curl up under a blanket or a quilt. I have nearly finished my cream, green and yellow crotchet single blanket (still in the pros of stitching it up) so I need another big project in the wings - I still have a couple of others to finish, but it will be nice to get them out of the way and then will have a show and tell.

    Hope both of you dear ladies are keeping well. Patricia what have you been working on recently as I know you are an excellent needlewoman and very experienced with patchwork etc whereas I am a complete novice.

    Take care




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