Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday afternoon

This Sunday afternoon has been a busy one.  I have made 6 jars of Nectarine Chutney to add to my stash, done the washing up in between, cooked a meat pie.  That's a big deal for me as I made it from scratch including the pastry.  Much as I love cooking I become a nervous wreck when it comes to pastry.  Reason - I was taught to make pastry at school - my mother did not like the technique I had been shown and intervened and confused me so much especially as she wouldn't leave it.  Part of the problem is that I naturally make a very short pastry so it needs care in rolling out where it normally falls apart.  Mum reckoned I made nice pastry just like her mum used to.  Normally I have cold hands but when it comes to pastry they go hot.  But every so often I have another go.  Today I have been able to play on my own in the kitchen without interference and although not perfect the pie has come up reasonably well and "rustique".

 I am a simple cook and my presentation skills need a little work.  However with mashed potato, shredded cabbage carrots cauliflower and lashings of gravy and we have had a very nice tea and there is half a pie left together with gravy and veg which I am going to turn into bubble and squeak should make a quick simple tea for tomorrow evening as I am out  for the evening to a friends home with a bunch of other ladies and now these evenings are starting to draw in you need a decent feed in your belly.  I don't like wasting things either.

I have some vinegar spicing at the moment it has been bought to the boil and now the vinegar has been left to cool so that I can finish off my pickled onions later this evening.  I also have some chilli jelly to complete so have a lot to do and Downton Abbey starts again this evening.  I think I had better get a wriggle on.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments, PP and I hope you enjoy your Reiki training as much as I did. I've been a Master for a good many years, but not a Teacher. I'm glad I've taken the final step, as now I've the confidence to take it forward.
    Love and

  2. ps, I spent the afternoon in the kitchen too :D


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