Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Catch up

It has been a quiet day I have been on my own, but busy busy busy.  I am still struggling with the Jam Store.  I have found lots of stuff I had forgotten about including loads of beer bottles.  Me thinks they are going to be put into use over the next few weeks or so and I am slowly starting to restore order to complete confusion.  OH is going to help me re-line the shelves, with constant use the covers have become jaded so I am going to completely recover the shelves make things clean neat and tidy.  I have also scrubbed out the cupboard as well.  One of my Elderflower champagne bottles has struck a leak and been dripping everywhere.  I have new preserves to put away and more to do yet but the making of stuff has been put on hold.  I may start some during the week again, will see how it goes but failing which I will recommence next weekend.  I have found a load of bouquet garni which I had prepared (I had been looking for them as I use in soups and gravies, casseroles etc) - I knew I had a stash somewhere.

Since OH has been back we have had a windy walk with Missy down by the river.  Just to get a breath of fresh air. Tea is cooking (we always or nearly always have Sunday lunch of an evening so that we can make the best of the day and get the most time wise.  I have also cooked two large squash as we are having some with tea roasted the rest will go to make a butternut squash soup with some milk and a little spicing.  I am quite partial to soup and I particularly like home made soup.  It is a meal in itself.

I have ginger beer and apple pop to make at some point too.

Catch up again a little later




  1. It's surprising how messy a cupboard can get,in such a short period of time, I have to tidy up my food store cupboard all the time. Revolving the older products to the front and new ones to the back.
    Weather here is turning cooler, so I can see my soup pot starting to get more use in the coming weeks. Quite often I have a nice warming bowl of soup for my dinner along with a nice crusty roll. Putting pieces of chicken or beef in a veg based soup really fills up an empty stomach. I am not fond of pasta, rice or that sort of thing in my soup, thus the bread roll to round out the meal, usually finishing with a fruit based dessert, so all of the food groups are covered. Squash and carrot along with some spices is a soup that I particularly like.
    Hope you are having a great Sunday.

  2. Hello again my dear. Soup is on the menu here today too, and half assembled. It is just the weather for it outside - damp, dank and drear. Good luck with your cupboard tidying - mine could do with the same, so perhaps I will take a leaf from your book!

    Many many thanks for your helpful comment on my blog, and I shall order some covers from Dunelm so I can try my hand at bottling for the first time!

    1. So pleased for you BB and am glad have been able to help. Hope the bottling goes well. I have done pears, whole clementines, pineapple, apple, mixed fruits like blueberries, plums, strawberries and redcurrants, and loads of tomato passata, strawberry puree, blackberries, blueberries, mixed fruit salad both red fruit and white fruit, mulled pears. Once you start you will not stop. Have fun.



    2. Hi Patricia

      I eventually got the glory hole sorted out and all the shelves re-lined and all my bottles and jars put through the dishwasher and assorted according to type. It was a long job but is now completed. I have also re-organised my preserves so that I can find them more easily. I tend to put the newest stuff at the back of a shelf and then the stuff that needs using up first to the front. Because the cupboard is under the stairs it tends to get forgotten about a bit, but all nicely sorted now.

      Take care




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