Monday, 24 September 2012

Sunday Evening round up

Since my last post, its done nothing but pee it down with rain; autumn/winter is upon us in full swing.  If I had a fire I would have had it lit today and snuggled up, oh how I wish I had an open fire to cosy up to.  I have spent most of the day on my own with Missy (the dog) and Squeak (My tabby cat) and Demetri (the stray)currently all fast asleep;  The animals have stayed close all day even Demetri who likes to go out and about has for the past week been hugging the house.

 I have made my greengage jam, my picallili is dry brining and will be finished off tomorrow evening.

We have had a lovely tea, lamb steaks(double chops), mashed potato, cabbage, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower with lashings of gravy and then home made rice pudding - it all went down very well.

I watched Downtown and since then have been blog hopping. I just have to run the iron over our clothes for tomorrow and then  I am going to get my hair washed and then go up the stairs to Bedfordshire.

I have a date with the picallili tomorrow evening.

Catch you soon



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