Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Lunch

OH was working today overtime; the day did not start too well in that the car had a flat tyre!  Anyways he went to work but was home early at 12.30 pm and told me to get my glad rags on we were going out to get some lunch.  Not being one to let an opportunity like this to escape I quickly got changed even though I was up to my eyes in bottling the glutney.  Got that finished 9 bottles not bad it is now curing for at least 6 weeks. His nibbs has been told hands off.

Anyways back to lunch went to one of my local haunts The Beehive in Peterborough.  The food is out of this world in there and we have had a very lovely roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes seasonal veg and gravy for £10.50 a head followed by pudding OH had cheeseboard I had a most delightful apple tarte Tatin  with vanilla ice cream- and it was to die for.  So I have had a very delightful and unexpected lunch out and I really enjoyed it.  I am now stuffed!

I an now trying to get the rest of my chutneys and pickles done (that is if I don't fall asleep in the interim)

Catch up soon



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