Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Beefburgers Chips and Beans

Its not been a good day today weather wise, and that in turn has impacted one me  and I hurt after an extremely busy day at work.  I wasn't really in the mood to do a lot of cooking  but last evening had got a couple of packs of beefburgers out for this evening's tea.  I have been determined so far this month to make the use of what I actually have available in the house without having to go and buy anything specifically.  So we have had a nice simple supper.  When you talk of beefburgers most people envisage the archetypal MacDonalds or Burger king.  When I say Burgers I am talking about whole meat burgers prepared by our Butcher with lots of flavour and no cereal.  But you can do more than just have them in a bun.  Tonight I went back to my childhood and a meal that my mum used to do us for a quick scratch meal.  Grilled Burgers, (we had two types of Burgers Steak Burgers and Pork and Apple Burgers and home made chips and baked beans and a couple of slices of bread and butter each.  It went down a treat.  Mum also used to serve them with mashed potatoe, peas and gravy.  So you don't have to have a lot to create a meal, but it helps that it is full of flavour and that you enjoy it.

As I am tired I haven't done very much this evening but have sat crotcheting as I have started a new rug off  worked in stripes in red, white, dark blue, medium blue and pale blue so far. I have started it off with some wool I already had to hand.  I will have to add to it, but that's by the by.  I still have my other blankets to finish but sometimes I don't have the money to go out and add to the wool stash and so rather than not do anything I hit what I already have, and then one by one I end up completing them as and when the money becomes available.  I just cannot sit and do nothing.  I am working it in stripes I am on my sixth colour band so far each band consisting of four rows of double crotchet.  I also have my eye on some patchwork Union Jack style cushions and they should tone well with this blanket in the long run will have to see how it goes.

Right am going to get on a few more rows to crotchet yet before I go up.

Catch you soon




  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts, and could happily eat this for my tea myself tonight. So nice to meet someone else who cooks from scratch too.

  2. Hi TT

    Welcome to my blog glad you will be coming back with a mug of tea to have a browse. Look forward to you visiting.




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