Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hive of Activity

Boy isn't it cold this evening.

Its been quite busy here since I got home this evening at 6.00 p.m and I really have got a wriggle on.    On has gone the heating as my poor digits have gone blue.  Tea is busy cooking we have minted lamb double chops with mashed potato, carrots, broccoli and peas with lashings of gravy.  I have some dough mixing at the moment for some mixed seed buns.  Its a pre- packaged bread mix which I haven't tried before so we shall see how it turns out.   However I have been down the list of the contents  which is as follows:

Wheat flour
Kibbled Malted Wheat
Oat Flakes
Rye Flour
Malt Flour (wheat and barley)
Golden Linseed
Kibbled Rye
Poppy Seeds
Brown Linseed
Sunflower Seeds
Chickpea Flour
Pearl Barley Flakes

So a good range of ingredients

We have home made rice pudding in the oven too so hopefully not before too long we will have a nice warm tea to fill us up and warm the cockles of our hearts.  I also intend to get a lasagne on the go for tomorrow evening and maybe some apple dumplings  (pudding) will see how it goes.  I might also get some soup on the go as I have a chicken carcass to use up.

Right upwards and onwards going to check how things are progressing.

If I get the opportunity I will pop back later on.

Take care



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