Saturday, 13 October 2012

My Day Saturday 13 October 2012

It has been a lazy day in my household today as I felt absolutely cream crackered after being back at work and still not fully clear of this cold which has been getting me down somewhat so I had somewhat of a bit of a lie in not getting up very early and just keeping snug and warm. OH also has the weekend off and he also had a lie in  and we both feel better for it.  It has been a long very busy week.
 I have a habit of chopping recipes I am interested in out of magazines that I have had and they have been gradually getting into an ever increasing heap and so the best part of this afternoon has been spent sorting  some (not all of) them out and keeping the ones I am really interested in and disposing of the others.  As I have said before if you have a recipe or recipes you have a starting point for playing and creating something that suits your palate and life style.  But I have found some lovely recipes that I intend to try - like this evenings meal which we have tried and both like, but neither of us are keen on the new potatoes in this particular dish hence next time round I will use potatoes prepared as though for roasts but the flavour's themselves within the meal were fab and it was quickly done within the hour.  I have also found a few recipes which might find their way on here as I test them.  A good recipe is worth its weight in gold.

I also made an Apple Sponge for pudding with lashings of custard and it went down very well indeed.  Photos will have to follow as my phone is on charge at the moment..

I am just intent on feeding us both properly and as cheaply as we can  through these winter months with whatever comes my way or from what I already have in hand in the pantry, the herb border, the jam and preserve store, the freezer, fridge etc.  Hopefully next year that will include the garden also.

Needless to say I have things I want to make for the pantry.  I have also come across some Christmas tree decorations made of felt that I want to have a go at.  I have 17 days holiday to take before the end of the year so I will probably get a lot of the things I want to get done during the time I am away from work.  I have apple pop, ginger beer, more orange and lemon marmalade, some more jam, more pickled onions, Christmas Cake (fruit has been put to soak this weekend as I soak my fruit for  week before making the cake) and Christmas pudding to make.  I have some mincemeat in hand but I might also make some more as it keeps well and is a good way of using up dried fruit that is coming to the end of its shelf life.  I also want to make some lemon, clementine and orange curd and also get some more clementines and maybe a white fruit salad and some pears bottled as well as pickled red cabbage, pickled eggs and some beetroot done.   Will have to see how things go what gets done gets done and what doesn't doesn't.  I also want to get my Christmas recipes into some kind of order so that when I do get into the kitchen I can whizz through them.  We are going to order the Christmas Turkey and a Christmas pack from the butchers at the end of the month as well.

Right I have some magazine cuttings to get into some kind of order with the assistance of two resident pussies - not an easy task.

Catch you soon


P.S.  I only started this blog on 6 January 2009 very nervously at that  (therefore my blog will be four years old on 6 January 2013) and since that time I have had over 78,000 visitors on my meter.  Thank you for your support and visits it really is appreciated as this blog is a useful release for me to get things off my chest and to explore my creativity as well as being a record of my footprints through the past years the highs the lows and the joy and the tears.  Thank you from the heart.



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  1. Came across you today, whilst being nosey else where lol. I will be following you.
    Regards Linda xx


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