Sunday, 21 October 2012


Started early and I have been busy pottering around ever since. We have not long had tea, all cooked on the hob, minted lamb steaks cooked in a pan on the hob and a three tier steamer on the other, lashings of gray and it has all gone down very nicely. - very tasty.  OH was starving when he got in  and proclaimed he could eat a "scabby donkey" so tea was done early for us. I now have another pile of washing up to do.  I still have to cook my gammon joint for packups this week and to make some buns and get the soup on the go, so I will be disappearing back into the kitchen again very shortly.

Its now miserable and raining again outside but it is not really cold at the moment.

Hopefully  I will get back a little later on.

Hope everyone has had a good day

Take care




  1. Sounds very similar to our day too, busy getting ready for the week ahead.

  2. Sounds like a truly lovely meal. In our neck of the woods your OH would have said that 'He could eat a scabby 'oss' (horse!)
    As I've put my back out and can barely stand long enough to make a cuppa I'm afraid it was fish and chips for us last night...
    It's raining here today - what a surprise, just hoping it'll clear up soon?
    Rose H

    1. Hi Rose

      So sorry you are in the wars again. Re your back. There is a product called Biofreeze which can be obtained from Boots the Chemists. It is a natural herbal spray which takes the ache and pain out of the muscles goes on cold and warms up -but it is not as uncomfortable as deep heat. It really is brilliant. Please try and get hold of some and try it - It has certainly helped me no end .Please take care



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