Thursday, 11 October 2012

Quick Pop In

Evening everyone today has been a grey day literally it has been peeing it down with rain this afternoon and this evening it hasn't let up at all.  We have had home made Lasagne for tea today with fresh spinach in between the meat and sauce layers and it was scrummy.  Warm hot and filling, just served with some bread and butter it is very filling.   Quite simply a tin of Italian tomatoes a jar of my home made passata sauce, some garlic, pepper, fried onions, white pepper and spinach together with white cheese sauce served in layers.  No nasties at all in just simple hone cooking.  Now the nights are getting colder you need the warm food to stoke up the proverbial boiler.   I still have this cold hanging around which is also getting me down.  Grey should be banned I simply do not do Grey.  Its a good toning colour but we had grey wallpaper in this house when we moved in and it quickly got changed to really bright colours.

I watched War Time Farm again this evening.  I do enjoy this programme and it brings back memories of things my grandparents used to do as a matter of course.

I am watching a programnme about Jack the Ripper which is on Channel 5 at the moment which is also quite interesting.

Catch your soon



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