Monday, 8 October 2012

Quote for the Day

Be Grateful for What you have

When you don't have the pennies in the pocket its more than time to be grateful for what you do have.  Rather bemoaning the fact that you haven't got money to do this or that which is always awkward stand back and decline to do things especially if you do not have the wherewithal..There is no shame in this although it can make you feeling left out.  Find something to do with what you already have at home or easily available at your disposal.  You have a blank new canvas to try something new and it need not cost the earth if anything with a little bit of lateral thinking.  There are plenty of tutorials on different subjects on the Internet watch some of those and see how you get on and if you do need some assistance ask for it from a friend or a relative who may already have those skills or seek someone out.  You have a whole new canvas to fill and learn new skills.  It is not the end of the world when the wherewital is not available and we have to make very practical choices about whether we need that bottle of milk or that piece of frilly lace.  Unfortunately you cannot drink the frilly lace or make a pudding or several items for a meal out of it.  It has its place but not at times when we have to be careful and practical.  There will be another piece of lace down the line when money is more available. Fortunately for me I had sewing items on the go and a few items in hand.  I have refound my love of reading and there is always something in the kitchen or craft department to keep me going.  With the lack of money it has really made me concentrate on what I have and that in itself is a blessing..  Instead of my glass being half empty my glass is now half full.  A positive mind-set attracts people to you as they see that you are prepared to have a go and work things out and learn instead of saying oh woe is me and feeling totally sorry for oneself.  If we are continually being negative we can in fact becuase of negative thinking attract and manifest negativity and negative episodes into our lives.  So instead of half empty your glass is always half full.  Look for the good hidden things during the day good things don't cost money.  Its all down to a different approach  and dealing with things as they happen so we have no issues bothering our inner person as that causes stress of a different kind.  

I am grateful for what I have today and every day but most of all I am grateful for small pleasures and with myself.

I hope that you have a lovely day

It is very cold here in Peterborough and was a bitter night  I hope the day warms up somewhat and that we all make the most of what we have.

Catch you later





  1. Here is something to think about: What if the only things we have today are the things we were grateful for yesterday? I try to live my life with an ongoing attitude of gratitude. The non-monetary things in life are truly the most important because they are enduring.

    Blessings, Barb

  2. I totally agree we are grateful everyday for the blessings we recieve and the most important things in life not how much we buy or have in the bank.
    Nice to see you back Patty.


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