Monday, 15 October 2012

Rice Pudding Or Other Large Grain Puddings

This is a favourite in our household and what's more its relatively cheap and simple to make.


4oz grain
2 pints of milk
2-3 oz of sugar
1/2 oz finely shredded butter
Grated nutmeg


  1. Pre-heat the oven to Gas mark 2 (310 degrees F).
  2. Grease a pie dish with some of the butter.
  3. Wash your chosen grain in cold water if necessary (I find I get a better result when I do this) then place into the greased pie dish with the milk.  Leave to stand for approximately 1/2 an hour.
  4. Add the sugar and then flake the remaining butter onto the top together with your nutmeg.
  5. Bake slowly until the pudding is brown on top and of a thick creamy consistency.
To ring the changes I use a pot of cream and just reduce the amount of milk by the amount of cream in the pot.

This recipe can also be used for making a Large Sago, whole rice (Carolina type or short grain), flaked Tapioca or Flaked Rice.

Gives approximately 6 helpings

Cooking time about 2 1/2 hours

Enjoy pure comfort food.

I was telling the girls who I work with last week about home maid rice pudding so much so, one of the girls was going to see her mum and requested a home made rice pudding - sadly it did not materialise as mum not well, but its amazing how something so simple that is shared between your nearest and dearest evokes very special memories or just gives you a penchant for some home made rice pudding.




  1. Got a pot of cream in the fridge and rice pud will be on them menu for tomorrow thanks to you.
    It's something I always forget about.
    My husband will be pleased. lol

  2. Hi Briony

    Hope the rice pudding turned out okay and that your husband approved of the comfort food.

    Take care




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