Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday catch up

Its been a quiet day here today. OH has been working as he is tomorrow.  I have done lots of pottering around, and started bottoming out the lounge will have to finish that tomorrow it always takes a while to sort out but always looks good for the time and effort spent on it.  However I have had quite a bit of washing to do so the washer has been on quite a bit.We have also had a nice hot tea, a home made cottage pie with lots of grated cheese on top. Its cold out tonight so that has warmed us from the inside out Normally will serve us two meals but OH was hungry and has polished off what was left.  When it comes to food I don't mind whether its gone in one sitting, or whether its turned into another meal on the following day just as long as it not wasted.

 I also have a joint of gammon out which I am going to cook tomorrow for the pack ups during the week. We are to have minted lamb chops for tea with veggies tomorrow and I may do some onion soup as well as I have a few onions that need using up.  I am due for a new net and in the interests of waste note want not.

I have bread to make tomorrow as well.  

Anyway  I have to get on 

Catch you all soon




  1. Hi Pattypan, thank you for your welcome. I don't have a blog,(not that clever) lol, but i really enjoy reading yours. Do you boil or bake your gammon joint?...Linda xx

  2. Mmm, cottage pie! We've had that today too - it's my absolute favourite :o)

  3. Hi Linda

    Nice to see you back. You don't have to have a blog to comment. When I do gammon I soak it overnight in cold water to remove some of the salt, I then boil it with a carrot, some fresh herbs like bay, parsley, and thyme with some onion and some cloves (just a couple) and some black peppercorns I boil until cooked and then drain. I use the stock from the gammon for making soup. I then strip the fat off and score into diamonds and then put something like marmalade, or treacle or honey on and then brown sugar and spice like ginger and finish off in the oven. Goes nice and caramelized and golden brown. I allow to cool and then slice and use in salads and sarnies or serve with pickled onions cheese and an apple (ploughmans) and some home made chutney. You dont have to use a gammon joint you can use a ham hock. But if I do this I just boil the hock and then pop in a bowl with the liquid and let it go cold. It goes like jelly but storing the hock in the jellied stock keeps the ham moister for longer.

    Hope this helps



    1. Hi Rose

      Cottage pie is a favourite here too. Delia has a nice recipe (slightly different) in Waitrose at the moment. Was going to try that today but hadn't got any leeks.

      Hope you are okay



    2. Thank you so much for the gammon advise. Will be buying one very shortly. xx


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