Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Stormy Weather

Its a bit rough out there this morning, peeing down with rain with lots of gusty wind  I have to walk to work through it this morning and I am not looking forwrard to it at all. Not my kind of weather not even puddle jumping weather.  Ah well it is autumn but I am not looking forward to the trawl to work.  It really is a duvet day.

This morning has not been a good start I awoke when the alarm went off rather rudely turned over and went back to sleep again - fatal and then when OH called up iits a startled rude awakening which will leave me catching up with myself all day long.  I am meeting friends  dinner time, all ladies who used to work with each other as part of a tight team and who have remained friends although iit is about 17 years since we all last worked together; one of us was seconded to the States for three years and has come back and because of health issues no longer works, and one of us is retired and has been for about 10 yaers; the two youngsters are still working full time but it is a treat to spend some time with each other and "catch up" These are friends that I trust through thick and thin.

The cats have been wailing at me for the rain to stop.   They hate it when they get buffeted about and the certainly don't do wet!.

Right I am off to do my Mary Poppins impersonation.

Catch you all later on



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