Sunday, 14 October 2012

We have bright sunshine but it is chilly out.  I have therefore kept indoors wrapped up just pottering about planning and plotting getting things that are chaotic into some kind of order.  We are not having a roast today but we are having the Yorkshire Pudding Supper but with chicken and veggies (the chicken breasts are defrosting as we speak).  Hopefully will have some photos later but am having problems with my phone at the moment but will see if can take some piccies later if not I will appropriate OH's mobile phone.

When sorting out The Jam Store the other week I have found all sorts of bottles I knew I had and could not locate.  So now I have found them am going to have to get the thinking cap on, but I have in mind some Orange Wine, some Apple Pop, some Ginger Beer and a lager and bitter kit that I have in house.  I love the plotting and planning stage and then I do everything in one fair swoop - have to with working full time otherwise if I did not create time to do the things I loved I would be forever banging my head against a brick wall.  Sometimes you just have to do rather than think; but you do need thinking time too.  Will see how we go anyways.  

I managed to get my magazine clippings sorted out quite a bit, still have a way to go as there was a lot of them.  Now need some folders to organise things a little better..

To tell the truth though haven't been too industrious this weekend, it has just been nice to be at home and simply "be".  

Right I am off to potter some more  will be back later on



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  1. Hi, Pattypan, thank you for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower. I've had a quick peek at yours and will certainly come back for more. I like the way you baked your pork steaks - must try that. I've not found the moggies. Take care.
    Love from Mum


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