Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wedding Anniversaries

I have been sorting through some paperwork this evening and have come across a chart which very usefully lists wedding anniversary milestones and what used to be the relevant material out of which the present should be made out of.  Most of us know 25 years silver, and 50 years golden but did you know the names for the others.  Here they are

1st Anniversary - Paper

2nd Anniversary - Cotton

3rd Anniversary - Leather

4th Anniversary Linen/Silk

5th Anniversary - Wood

6th Anniversary - Iron

7th Anniversary  - Wool (copper)

8th Anniversary - bronze

9th Anniversary - Pottery/china

10th Anniversary Tin/Aluminium

15th Anniversary - Crystal

20th Anniversary  - China

25th Anniversary  - Silver

30th Anniversary - Pearl

35th Anniversary - Coral (Jade)

40th Anniversary - Ruby

45th Anniversary - Sapphire

50th Anniversary -  Gold

55th Anniversary  - Emerald

60th Anniversary  - Diamond

Hope it helps


  1. This is VERY eerie Tricia, guess which list I 're-discovered' on Friday? Yes, you're right the anniversary list!
    Rose H

    1. Sympatico I think is the word you are looking for. The rest I think is down to serendipity and great minds think alike.

      Take care




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