Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bacon and Leek Omelette

Today (Wednesday) we had a quick cooked lunch to use up some bits and bobs in the fridge.  To tell the truth I didn't fancy too much but fancied something light and filling.  I had some smoked bacon [i allowed two rashers each] (but you could easily utilise some cooked ham) gently fried, together with a very finely chopped leek and then fried in butter until golden.  I mixed up three eggs each with a drop of milk and then incorporated half of the bacon and half of the leek  to each omlette (I made two) and it made for a very tasty quick lunch served simply with some mixed salad leaves and it went down well.  Sorry there wasn't a photo I kinda thought about it afterwards after I had eaten my omlette.

Simple things are often the best.

I had made these and just presented OH with one even he ate it all up and said he had enjoyed it.  He doesn't normally do omelettes.

I have had a good day today; thanks to my brother - thanks Dave much appreciated.  I was also given a lovely red skirt decorated with bead work from another friend so it has been a brilliant day.  Although I still haven't managed to get everything done.  Never mind.

We have to count the blessings in each special day.

Catch up soon

Love and light



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