Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Catch up on the weekend

Sorry this post should have been published on Sunday but somewhere along the line got lost.  I post it for the sake of completeness only.  

Things were equally busy yesterday, yet more paperwork sorted still a lot to do and sorting out a pile of recipes that I might use over Christmas to one side to go through properly.

OH worked yesterday and so when he did come in last night shattered I had a nice hot meal ready for him.  We had leg of lamb chops which were really tasted, cooked with roast parsnips, roast potatoes, broccoli, carrots, peas and lashings of gravy. Both of us were ready for tea and it went down well and was quite tasty.

I also nipped to the shop yesterday to get some veggies and managed to get some reduced broccoli which is going into a blue cheese and broccoli soup and the rest is destined for the freezer.  So if you get the opportunity of reduce priced veg and will not have time to eat it before the sell by date prepare it a freeze it so that you have a ready supply of veggies in the freezer.  I bought carrots, leeks, cauliflower a savoy cabbage, the broccoli a mixed bag of veg used last night. (reduced bags of mixed veg are good as you can use them in so many ways mine was supposed to have been £1 a bag and I got it for 35p.  Strangely they do not seem to have very much by the way of swede or parsnips at the moment.  Will have to get stocked up when this new freezer arrives as we do love our veggies.

Well I slept well last night went out like a light - did not hear the wind quite surprised me when I got up as it is blowing a right old hooley.  Hope you and yours keep safe wherever you are.  It also seems a little milder than it was yesterday.  The animals do not like the wind though or the noise it makes.

I have a nice piece of pork for dinner tonight, roast pork with home made stuffing and apple sauce.  In the run up to Christmas I try and do a piece of pork so that I can get the pork dripping for doing the roasties in but I also like Goose fat but I will not pay through the nose for it.  So its a bit of a tradition that we have a piece of roast pork in the run up for Christmas purely for the side product oh and a good nosh.

Me and my grub



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