Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Preparations 1

Well the mincemeat has been made for quite a while and I have a few different varieties to go at on the pantry shelf there is a rum and raisin version, Pat Corbins' Plum Mincemeat, Mixed Exotic fruit mincemeat to name but a few.  I start making mincemeat in January of each year; I have found it is a good way to use up dried fruit that is getting near its sell by date and I usually make it in one of my Rumptopf pots its an ideal container.  I shall pop some recipes up in the New Year.  Its a good way to start the preserving for the new season and besides I use mincemeat all year round not just at Christmas.  I first started making mincemeat from the Delia Christmas book, which uses suet.  These days my mincemeat very rarely has suet in it at all.

I have all sorts of jams and preserves put up and Chutneys. I have a few more things to do which will not take too long and I have further time off work yet to have so I will probably get them done then.

The cake has now been made and has had its first feed it smells wonderful.  I still have a few more things to do like a Dundee Cake and some fruit bread probably a barm brack and some malt loaf as they are best kept for a couple of weeks. My mum bless her heart always makes the Christmas Fruit Loaf (My Nan always used to make this but to a different recipe) which is a fruit loaf that is served with butter and cheese.  It never lasts very long.

I still have to do the Christmas Puddings Stir up Sunday this year is on Sunday 2 December 2012 the first Sunday in Advent so that is when my Christmas puddings will get made.  I always make at least two.

The mulling syrup is prepared as is the Cinnamon Oil and Mixed Spice Oil which are now sitting on the kitchen windowsill to macerate.  I intend to make a couple of more batches of the mulling syrup as I think it will be a very useful syrup to keep in the house. I have in mind to bottle some dried fruits but to serve them in a spiced syrup which should make a light and tasty Christmas preserve to serve with ice cream or some cream.  The syrup would also be nice on pancakes, probably with some tinned oranges, and either cream or ice cream.  I think I would need to soak the dried fruit in the syrup overnight before warming through and bottling and adding extra syrup if necessary.  The syrup is rather tasty on its own.  But the dried fruit could always be livened up with fresh pear and apple just to lift it a little.  It might also be a useful base for a spiced coffee or nice on top of some home made cinnamon ice cream. 

In the coming weeks I have to make some Cranberry sauce to go with the Turkey. I usually make a couple of batches along with some cranberry and apple jelly which we use throughout the year.  It goes well with all sorts of dishes.

I have stated the Spiced Winter Jelly off too and apparently that is ideal for serving with meat and cheese dishes, but I have an idea it would be nice in gravy with roast pork dishes.

Right I am off to get on I return to work tomorrow.

Take care everyone

Catch up soon.



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