Sunday, 18 November 2012

First Sunday in Advent 2012 Fast approaches

In approximately two weeks time it will be the first  Sunday in Advent.  Advent changes from year to year but this year it will fall on Sunday 2 December 2012.   I am posting this a tad early but I thought that it might serve as a timely reminder for everyone who is making their own Christmas puddings or considering doing so that this is thee traditional date for making your Christmas puddings.  And a reminder to start gathering all your ingredients together if you haven't already done so. 

Otherwise known as "Stir up Sunday" (not originally to do with Christmas puddings but to the sermon that was read on that day which was supposed to stir up the hearts of men"). In modern practice a time for the family to gather around the Christmas pudding mixing bowl, have a stir of the mixture and make a silent wish for what is yet to come. This is what we used to do as children with my Mum and if we were at my Nan's the same custom would prevail.  Nan also used to hide some coins in the pudding as well.  I will post my recipe later on.

Tis also the date to light your first of the advent candles (there are four) before Christmas so your advent wreath needs to be prepared before then.  An excuse to go into the countryside and gather your greenery to make your own wreath on which to site your candles although you must never leave the wreath with candles lit unattended.  You simply might just decide to choose to buy a taper candle with the dates on the side, burning it each night.  Symbolising the light in the world and I am all for more light and more awareness.

Catch you soon




  1. Lovely reminder about Advent - I so miss having my kids here to stir the pudding with me [but they are grown up and flown the nest]

    Do you remember the Blue Peter Advent crown they made every year with bent coathangers? [probably not considered safe these days!]

    But I am with you all the way in wanting More Light in our dark world!! blessings xx

  2. Hi Angela

    Christmas is about the family wherever they may be and so many of the things we do are created to keep their interest and their imaginations. But do not forget that there is always the inner child to be let loose on occasions and to be fed. I remember the Advent crown from the Blue Peter Team every year and always wanting to have a go at one as it was so pretty made out of metal coathangers and the obligatory tinsel. I have as a rule these days a large natural wreath with four candles on the table one lit each week as the gentle light always brings in the light and more atmosphere to our homes on these dark winter nights. My step-children have also flown the nest but they usually put in an appearance somewhere down the line. I taught them early on that Christmas day was for sharing not only with their birth mother and her extended family but also with their father and my extended family too.

    Love and light




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