Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Night Round Up

Its been a busy day.  I have been getting up at normal time and getting stuck in.  I have been without heating all day long and was perished.  To make matters worse we could not get it going when OH came in and was about an hour before he cracked it.  I now have the heating on and am slowly defrosting.  The animals have had their blankets on today to keep warm.  I have had some Pollack with spinach and sliced potatoes with a Gruyere sauace that was all nice and hot and bubbling.  It has gone down very well.  It is a bought meal  - something we do not normally buy in this household.  I was supposed to have it the other night but couldn't quite fancy it and OH certainly didn't but I did enjoy and might have a bash at doing it myself.  I was hungry and it has helped "defrost"  me from the inside out.

I have had a busy day; the rosehip syrup is dripping through the net and will be completed tomorrow evening the same with the apple and Rosehip jelly.  I am hoping for about four bottles of the Rosehip Syrup and about 6 jars of the Rosehip and Apple Jelly.  I have also made three jars of an apple chutney the recipe is Called Aunty Edna's chutney and comes from Gloria Nichols preserves book. Very few ingredients and as per usual I could not locate one or two ingredients that I do have but could not locate at the precise time required; so I used white sugar instead of brown.  But looks promising will post the recipe separately as it is an ideal chutney for a beginner to make and it will not cost an arm or a leg.  Just simple ingredients.

A little while ago I cleaned out the Jam Store/Preserves store.  The cupboard under the stairs.  Not all the preserves are in yet but I hope you get the drift. The shelves were already in the house so its a case of using what we have. To get more out of the deep and high shelves I have re-used box lids to stack the jars safely and also written the contents on so that I can locate what I am after in a hurry.  I still have stuff to do.  Plus the fact down the side out of the way are all the jam jars and the wine bottles.




  1. It's nice to have a purchased meal once in awhile, I don't buy them at all, they always have too much sodium (salt) for me. I don't use much salt in cooking and certainly not on the table, so when it is in a prepared dish it comes on a bit strong for my taste buds.
    You have been busy today, hope you have thawed out and your heating is still going strong.
    Today, we have had snow flakes mixed in with cold showers, hope this is not an indication of an early Winter. I am not ready for the cold just yet, if I am at all. I certainly have my furnace on.
    Take care.

  2. Wow, your jars of home made things look amazing!!!

    "Rosehips" are they just the regular ones that come from the roses in our gardens?


    1. Hi Linda

      I think you can use the Rosehips from the garden but I tend to collect them from the hedgerows. If you are drying just the shells to grind them down for vitamin c powder you have to clear all of the seeds out which is time consuming. However For jellies and cordials you can blitz everything up boil it up and then strain a couple of times to get all the fibres and hairs out of

      Take care



  3. I love your jars of homemade produce, I have cupboard envy.
    We just plastereboarded the under the stairs which is in the sitting room and it is icy cold in there to use as my larder/storage cupboard.

  4. Hi Welsh Poppy

    Thank you for your kind comments. I haven't made as much as I usually do more due to time constraints than anything else, but at least there is a bit and there is quite a bit that I can do with what I have. Although I still have some mustards to make and one or two other bits and bobs like sweet chilli sauce. The store is not really what I would like to be but it serves a purpose and its all about making the most of what we actually have. My sack of spuds usually resides under the stairs too as it is nice and chilly even on a hot summers day. Do you actually pickle and preserve or is it something that you would like to have a go at. Take care and thank you for following




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