Wednesday, 21 November 2012


When we were younger and especially if we had been unwell mum used to get powdered glucose and sprinkle it on our cereals to give us a bit more umpff and energy as it is more readily processed by our systems and is must gentler.  Glucose is predominantly used in sweetmaking and also in beer making.  You can buy powdered glucose from Boots.  A while back I had come across an obscure recipe for making your own glucose syrup from powdered glucose then promptly lost the recipe.  As I have said it is an obscure one.

Anyways I have been researching what sweets I am going to be making during the Christmas period and I have recovered that obscure little recipe so I thought that I would post it here so that I can locate it.  It bugs me if I know I have a recipe and cannot locate it (but that is due a lot of the time is that I have a lot of books and I readily use them on a regular basis.

I was checking out the recipe for Divinity from one of my sweetie books called Chocolates, Sweets and Toffees by Jan Morgan ISBN 0 7063 5890 2.  Right at the end of that recipe are some footnotes the last one being

"Buy glucose syrup at the chemists or make by dissolving 8oz (225gm/1 1/2 cups glucose in 1/4 pint/150ml/ 2/3rds cup of water and boil to 230 degrees F/110 degrees C.  Cool and store in an airtight container."

I knew I had seen it somewhere.  I had even researched on the Internet and had not found anything either.

I used to buy large jars of glucose syrup from my local health food shop quite cheaply then they stopped selling it and they have now since closed.  Come Christmas though I have only been able to locate tiny pots in the supermarkets which have cost an arm and a leg so I am going to experiment with this little recipe as if it works it will end up saving lots of pennies and I am all for that.

Right on that little note I am off to work.

Its miserable damp and pouring with rain here and dark horrible day - but then there is always a silver lining somewhere.

Right peeps catch you later have a good day



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