Friday, 2 November 2012

Good morning

The house is perishing as the heating has thrown a wobbly and will not come on and so what does a girl have to do but to hit the kitchen and do some preserving.  At least its warm in there. It is suprising how useful the Rose is and the Rose family.  Rose Water,  Rose petal jam, Rose Petal Jelly, Rosehip Syrup etc.  The apple is from the same family also.  

Already this morning I have sorted out a batch of Rosehips for Rosehip syrup which is a rich source of vitamin c during the winter months. I must say that it smells wonderful.  You can take a couple of teaspoons of syrup each day to help ward off colds during the winter months.  In fact as a toddler I think myself and my brother were given daily doses.  You can  use it as a sauce  on waffles, ice cream  and as a cordial diluted with water and whatever else you care to use it on.  You are only limited by your imagination.  What about on semolina or rice pudding.  A good one to keep in because of the multitude of uses I also am going to start off the Rosehip and apple jelly as well.  That needs to be left to drip overnight. I love it when I can carefully put stuff up for the pantry to fill the shelves.  I have even more plans for the future, but will have to work on that a little at a time.

I will post the recipes later on for the Rosehip Syrup and the Rosehip Jelly.  There is still time to gather the hips and make some if you want to, but don't forget to leave a few for the birds also.

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