Thursday, 8 November 2012

I am grateful for small blessings

I received an unexpected bonus yesterday courtesy of my brother.  He and his wife have just bought a new washing machine and the one they had isn't that old and they asked if I would like it.  I jumped at the chance; it was delivered yesterday and is now in situ in the kitchen. It is immaculate and is working at present and I am chuffed to bits with it.  I feel very lucky.

So far this holiday I do not seem to have got on very much with what I had intended.  Not that I haven't got on with stuff, just not what I had planned.  Never mind, but at least this evening I have managed to sit and do a little bit of crotchet which is very relaxing.  I have another long term project of a throw worked in white, wedgewood blue,  royal blue, navy blue, red and grey on the go (amongst a load of other things) and I am hoping to have a real spurt in the next few weeks in trying to get some of those UFO's either finished or a little more on the way to being finished.  The thing with crotchet is that it grows quickly and the throws are lovely and snuggly especially on a cold evening like it is tonight.  They also add individuality to your home.  If I had a log fire I would be sat by that working away, just enjoying the piece and quiet and creating. 

I am hoping before long to start on the patchwork I need to get stuck in creating rather than thinking about it.  I have started a  patchwork cushion panel upstairs (another UFO which has been on the go for some time) so I thought that I might on my next holdiay if not before get stuck in and finish that.  I have also started an oven cloth.  The front is finished but I need to find a suitable fabric to back it up with.  I think I may have something suitable in the stash but it is a matter of liberating it.  I have the wadding already.  So two potential UFO's that quite possibly might be finished before Christmas.  That will be a novelty.

Right I am going to get on with a bit more crotchet; it gives me time to think.

Hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods.

Catch up soon.

Love and Light




  1. What a great gift from your brother and Sis in Law!
    Holidays are for doing what you WANT to to do, not what you need to do - enjoy the rest of it!
    Rose H

  2. How lovely to have a new washing machine. I find that as I have got a little(!) older, that my hands and arms are not up to hand washing. I have to use a washing machine at work at the moment, but I cannot wait to have my own again so that I can just put stuff in it without having to think too much!! xxx


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