Sunday, 25 November 2012

Late evening review

Its been miserable weather wise today but my heart goes out to all those adveresely affected by flooding over the past few days I hope things calm down for you soon.  Equally I hope my friends throughout the country are all safe and out of harms way.

Well things have certainly been busy here today and there likely to get a lot busier as the week commences.  I have a lot to do before I break up at the end of a week so that I can get on with preparing the house for Christmas and prepare a lot of food, get the decorations out and it also includes a lot of cleaning.

I had hoped to have some photographs for you concerning the pomanders, but my camera is playing up so for this evening at least I have given it up as a bad job. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to play and create it really has been very enjoyable.  I have also found some proper wooden clothes pegs upstairs that I had forgotten about.  I have seen an idea for making some soldiers out of the wooden clothes pin with the aid of some paint  to decorate the Christmas tree with.  I have also seen a tutorial for skeletonising leaves so I am going to have a go at that as well.  I am also very interested in scenting the home naturally and particularly interested in scented oils, pot pourri and scenting the home and I came across this lovely little article which can be turned into a lovely small Christmas present  That's another reason I would like a dehydrator for.  Simple things that just make things look and smell nice naturally.

We have had a lovely tasty tea and I have the pork dripping for my roasties over the next few weeks or so.  We had the roast pork and lots of lovely crackling served with broccoli, peas, shredded cabbage, roast mixed veggies ie onion, parsnip, potato, carrots, red onion, then served with stuffing home made apple sauce and lashings of gravy.  Was very tasty and really enjoyed it.  There is quite a bit left so will probably have some of that.  Might make some mash for tomorrow night as there are a few veggies left and I think they could be used up as bubble and squeak to go with the cold pork.  There is still some gravy left as well so I think that will be simple tea sorted for tomorrow night.  I can then get on with the Christmas puddings and the Orange Mincemeat.

Right am not going to be long before I go up the wooden stairs to the land of nod.

Will try and catch up sometime tomorrow

Take care



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