Saturday, 24 November 2012


Last evening I spent sorting out a load of documentation that needed thinning down and disposing of and once that little job had been completed I then set too sorting out some more of my magazine articles both craft and recipe.  In fact I have found a rather nice cable jacket that I would like to have a go at.  However I have found lots of lovely recipes as well as lots of nice Christmas recipes that are ideal for giving away to friends and some very different preserve recipes as well as some ideas for Christmas decorations.  Plenty of food for thought and squirrelling away for future use.  After a busy week at work it was quite comforting to sit in the warm and methodically work and get everything organised.  It would have been lovely to have had a fire as well it was particularly cold last night.  The sky was really clear and it was as though the stars were chandeliers in a large ball room and only part of the moon was visible but an extremely clear night.

Yesterday during my lunch hour I went up to the market had a look around.  I will certainly be paying a visit to get some stuff  for some more bottling such as pears, cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes whilst I am off.  Yesterday I looked for Sorrell (Hibiscus flowers) but it has not arrived yet it will be there shortly and there is always a rush for it.  I have some recipes I wish to try using this.  I also have some mustard to make; although we don't always use mustard as a condiment I do tend to use it quite a bit in cooking.  Anyways I popped into Wilkinsons and got some candle holders (£1 a pack and there are 6 in a pack) for popping into wreaths and garlands; and some green finishing tape. I also got a couple of packs of replacement seals for the swing bottles at £1 a bag and a set of four glasses for some small cinnamon candle holders a pack of four for 85 pence.  I may get some more of these as the are ideal for individual puddings in the fridge.  I have already done one very large cinnamon candle holder.  Which is not too bad for a first attempt.  I intend to go and get some more from Hobbycraft at the weekend.  The cinnamon angel ornaments I am going to have a go at later on when it is a little quieter.

This morning it is bitter the animals haven't wanted to go far preferring to be in the warm and there has been a thick rhymed frost covering the rooftops , fence posts the grass even making lace work out of the spiders webs.  I have lots to do  the house looks like a bomb has hit it and I am on holiday for a week at the end of this week and there is lots I need to do before then as I want to get a clear run this time round in getting everything ship shaped for Christmas.  I have a lot of cooking to do too.  I also have a new deep freeze which will be delivered  (another chest freezer) and the old freezer taken away whilst I am off; I have been lost without my second freezer/main freezer.  I am used to doing so much myself and I intend to get some steak pies, and puddings also made so that we can eat well during the week and have a meal within about 40 minutes of getting in.  In my small upright freezer I have plenty of meat but hardly any veggies which has caused some concern as I usually have both.  I have found it restricting in my cooking choices but it makes you think about exactly what you are cooking and how you can make a meal with what you have within the house without having to go out and buy something.

Right I am off to get on  - I have quite a bit to do.

Catch up a little later on



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