Sunday, 25 November 2012

Orange Mincemeat

I  was supposed to be out tomorrow evening but that has been cancelled so tomorrow night is Christmas pudding night (I got side-tracked today) and whilst I have the scales out for measuring the ingredients for the Christmas Puddings I thought I would make a batch of this, something that will be prepared quickly and easily using no gas.

I found this recipe whilst browsing earlier on  and whilst declaring that I had loads of mincemeat readily to hand which I do have I just decided that a little more wouldn't hurt and besides I do use mincemeat a lot and I like to ring the changes with the different flavours. I normally make mincemeat after Christmas in the New Year, but hey what the heck you have to live dangerously sometimes and its nice to have something on the pantry shelf that someone else hasn't.  The plus side is that this is so easy to make just combining the ingredients in the order given  - no cooking.    I am going to leave for a couple of days though to let the brandy and the orange liqueur to soak into the fruit with some cling film over the top to keep the aroma and the flavour in.  I will then bottle it though It makes approximately 8 jars.


4oz/100g candied orange and lemon peel
1lb/500g peeled cored and chopped apples
8oz/225g of shredded suet
8oz /225g raisins
8oz/225g sultanas
8oz/225g currants
9oz/250g dark brown sugar
Half a nutmeg grated
4oz/100g blanched coarsely chopped almonds
Grated rind and juice of 1 large orange
2 tablespoons Brandy
3-4 tablespoons of orange liqueur


Combined all the ingredients into a large bowl in the order given.  Mix and combine all the ingredients together giving a thorough stir through before potting on into sterilised jars and seal.  Store on the pantry shelf until you need some mincemeat.

Now that's the kind of recipe I like.




  1. Just trying to catch up Trishia, thank you for this great recipe, bookmarked and ready to use!
    Hope you are well, take care.
    Rose H

  2. Nice to hear from you rose - it smells gorgeous I have a recipe for an Amaretto one as well. will have to get some more Amaretto. Hope you are keeping well.

    Take care




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