Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pot Pourri and Scented Oils

I have been mooching round other people's blogs and also finding lots of ideas via Pinterest in the run up to Christmas this year and I have found this rather nifty idea on how to make your own cinnamon oil for using on pot pourri or on pine cones for the Christmas decorations.  Although I know we haven't got long now I have decided to have a go to see how I get on and if I like it will be put forward to do some more in readiness for next year.  Its funny how a simple little post can end up inspiring you to take the idea even further, which is what this link has done for me.

I was inspired by this post here

A lovely little blog with some good ideas.

I also  founda a lovely little recipe for a simmering pot pourri to put in a saucepan to scent the house on the same blog

Both ideas sound good to me; so I am starting with the cinnamon oil as it is quick to do and I like quick things.  I think I am also going to make an orange, star anise and cinnamon oil too.  Just going to make a little amount to start with and see how we get on.  Hopefully it will be a cheap option to scenting the house naturally over the Christmas season especially as I have most of  the ingredients to hand.  I keep a lot of herbs and spices in at all times and having the Asian Newspaper shop over the road they have all the spices readily to hand.  I also have some grapeseed oil in the pantry as well.  So I am off to have a little play.

Catch you later



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