Friday, 9 November 2012

Quick catch up

I have had a lazy week this week and this morning I got a lay in or should I say I overslept.  Never mind.  I haven't really done much else but the Christmas cake has been started which I am pleased about as it stands a chance of maturing well before the actual day. It will be cooked on Sunday.  

We have had a lovely sweet and sour chicken for tea together with rice for tea tonight.  Very tasty and very warming.  I have  also done the week's washing and I am so impressed with my new washing machine. 

The animals are all in the warm and Demetri is getting softer and softer he comes most nights now and sits on the settee with me; in fact all the animals seem to be operating a rota system throughout the day they all want the fuss and are all aiming to sit with me at one point or another.  Probably something to do with the pile of blankets in the corner of the settee that they seem to be snuggling into.

Its cold out there tonight, the sort of night that requires a nice fire to warm the house up I am sure the animals let alone the humans would love it.  Pipe dreams here though as we have the fireplaces but the landlord doesn't do very much and I think because the house is old it would need a lot of expensive work doing on the chimney stacks, which puts this out of our reach to even offer to put something in.  Never mind its on the list for the forever home (even though in reality I have to live in the present with my feet very much on terra firma).

Tomorrow I have the house to myself for a while.  OH has to be at work and I have some things to get on with in any event like a pile of ironing I have been trying to avoid all week!

I have been doing some more crotchet on my new stripey blanket that I keep picking away at a little bit at a time. This kind of project is a good one for me as it makes the most of the time that I do have as I can pick it up and put it down when I have a few minutes and besides throws add a little individuality to your home.

I haven't got that far with it but at least its a start am off to do a little more

Catch you soon



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