Thursday, 8 November 2012

Rosehip and Crab Apple Jelly (or Apple Helly)

Take equal parts of roships to Apples so if using 2lb of rosehips use 2lb of apples.  Chop up ther apples and whizz the rosehips through a food processor until the berries are minced pop the apples and the berries into a heavy based pan (not aluminium) and cover with water and bring to the boil until the berries and apples are soft.  Strain through a jelly bag (if using the rosehips this way this is a necessity as these berries have very tiny hairs/fibres that if not strained off properly will irritate you system to high heaven so straining is a necessity even iif you prepare the rosehips beforehand.  Always strain.

Leave overnight in the jelly bag to drip.  Do not interfere with the jelly bag and try and force the ingredients through as this will spoil the effect of the jelly and we want a nice clear jelly that is jewel bright and looks pretty..

To each 1 pint of juice or part thereof add an equal amount of sugar so for 1 pint of juice you would use 1lb of sugar.

Pop into a pan and add the amount of sugar required, bring to the boil and test every so often for a set where a spoonful of jelly popped onto a cold plat wrinkles on the surface and forms a skin when you push it with your finger.  If you don't get this effect the jelly is not set and not ready to be taken off the heat.  Once set is achieved decant into warmed jars, pop on lids and leave to set.  If a set is not achievedved first time round ust pop back into the pan and rewarm through until this is achieved.

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