Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Rest

It certainly has been a day of doing nothing for me today; I have been very lazy for me but then again I haven't had too much energy.  Its been wet damp and cold outside. OH went to work this morning and then when he came back he took me out unexpectedly for Sunday lunch.  What a lovely surprise.  We went to the Beehive in Peterborough where the food is absolutely fab; proper ingredients lovely tasty food reasonably priced. Its not too far from us here so its an ideal venue and the staff are so friendly.  We both had sirloin beef with all the trimmings and boy was it tasty.  We both had pudding the OH an egg custard served with mixed fruit coulis and I had a apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream which was to die for.  Ladies and Gents boy was it good.

I haven't done much since I have been back.  OH is out for the count catching up on some shuteye and the animals are all in comfy warm and fast asleep.  It would appear that I am the only one awake I have been trawling for ideas for Christmas decorations and have collated some ideas on my pinterest board which I hope to work through a few this year but the main plan is to create a stash a few at a time at the beginning of the year.; as well as make some small presents as I go along.  That is why I like the pinterest boards so much they remind you in a very concise way of things that you want to do or learn how to make stuff too.   So it has thus far been a quiet cosy lazy Sunday here at Pattypans and for once I am not rushing here there and everywhere.  I just need to do the Rosehip and Apple Jelly today and then it will be a quiet evening here.  I hope that you have had a lovely enjoyable day too wherever you may be.

Love and light



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