Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Bath

No, not me the dog.  Every so often we give her a freshen up in the sink tonight being the designated night  - it takes two of us to sort her out as she is none too keen at going in but not too bad once we have started.  Much as we love her she was getting a little too pongy to be bought out into company - so bath it was.  We got her in lathered her up rinsed her off (we use a gentle shampoo that can be used for the cats and the dogs). [ Think Demetri and Squeak might  be next].  Dried her off - they have their own towels as well and she stands and lets you give her a good rub down then it runs  - it goes stark raving lunatic material running backwards and forwards like a highly trained athlete, back wards and forwards then we will roll in mum's washing pile then off we go again into the front room slide along the carpet - you would think she was on ice skates.  She then stops starts licking her lips as much to say say where's me tea then.  (she likes a cup of tea) and once received then settles down and goes to sleep.  Life of riley - yes Missy has it good - she has her humans trained.  I wonder what the OH would do if I started behaving like that.... Let you know later.

Catch you soon



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